Flex Dapps

It's 3:54 on a Monday, the president is wearing a dickie bow, and it's just hit 19 celsius in Bosstown, Wisconsin - that's right - it's time you lived life in the fast lane. So listen up, you bloody nimrod. Don your sharpest tux and subscribe to the Flex Dapps Newslettuce faster than a wasp's blink. This bi-weekly landslide of razor-sharp dapps, d a n k graphics, and dodgy metaphors will knock your inbox into orbit. Yeets will skeet and skeets will yeet as you indulge in the finest written word to escape the FLEX DAPPS office. So whether you like it spicy or mild, it'll be the stankiest kush u ever did sniff.

The Offer: Earn 1 Sendy when you open this mail within 24 hours.